When building a rock wall for your property, we consider the natural setting and resources at your site; soil grade, land slope, vegetation & trees, and year round climate. In this way, your rock wall will remain stable throughout the seasons while maintaining its natural beauty. Rock walls can be built in a variety of sizes, shapes and slopes and can be designed for visual enhancement, function, or both. Retaining rock walls are not only a great looking artistic addition, but often they are longer lasting and more cost effective than concrete options.

We procure natural rock and stone from a local rock quarry for the best variety and selection. Then we carefully select the perfect rocks and stones for their size, shape and colour to create your unique rock wall configuration.

  • Rock Walls
  • Tiered Rock Walls
  • Rock Retaining Walls
  • Rock Steps, Stairs & Landings
  • Concrete Retaining Walls
  • The Sky's the Limit! Talk to us about your needs.
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